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I am a student at an international school in South Korea.

I take IBDP from next academic year and I am struggling with subject choices.

My current choices are:
Global Politics HL
Philosophy HL
English Lang/Lit HL
Maths SL
French Ab initio SL
Chemistry SL

I am planning to study International Relations at my future university.

The problem is that I am not sure if I can get a good grade (6 or 7) in philosophy. I am not quite sure about the course and the exam.

Therefore, I am thinking of changing it to Geography.
But I don't know if IB Geography is related to the global affairs and stuff.
Is IB Geography focused on physical geological theory or various case studies around the world?
Will there be any side effect of choosing geography rather than philosophy?

Will it be a better choice to change from philosophy HL to geography HL?

I desperately need your advice !!

I will sincerely appreciate any response that you make. Thank u!
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Hi, I just saw this post and thought I'd reply.
First and foremost, if you'd like to study international relations I would rethink some of your options. I think Geography HL over Philosophy would be a great idea. I currently do Geography HL and like you said it is significantly easier to score in if you put in the work, while Philosophy is a bit too subjective. Furthermore, after toking at a few UK universities' entry requirements I've found that many prefer you taking traditional social sciences, while some prefer HL English. Therefore, I think that you should stick with English and Geography HL (it is a traditional social science; unlike Philosophy). For your last HL, you could stick with Global Politics or do another social science such as Economics or Business Management or even History, which may be scoring and may allow you to boost your overall grade.
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If you want to go into IR, here are a quick three things that doing well in philosophy would do for you:

-ability to ingest and recount, summarise, analyse large amounts of data in short periods of time
-ability to think critically about arguments and to dissect them logically and usefully
-ability to construct and disseminate better arguments

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