Do teachers actually care about how their ex students are doing? Watch

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At the end of school all the teachers were telling us how they would love to hear from us in the future and how we are always welcome to visit the school whenever we want. I've always wondered if they actually care about what we get up to in our lives after we've left school, or if they're just saying it. And what would we actually do if we visited? Have a 5 minute chat and then go home?

If anyone has stayed in touch with ex teachers and visited their old schools, let me know of your experiences! I'm just really curious!
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The maths dept. at my school gets lots of first-year uni students popping back in to see our teachers during their time off from uni. I mention maths specifically because everyone loves our A Level maths teachers, and I think they get the most visits from ex-students, but other subject teachers get old students back occasionally too. The frequency of this usually decreases drastically by the time they get into year 2, but there are a few notable exceptions - I know of one student who just finished his second year, and has been invited to the wedding of his old maths teacher.

The interaction does usually boil down to a short chat, but some students like to spend an hour or two in lessons (not necessarily consecutively) and/or breaks talking to any friends in lower years or retaking a year (there are a handful of people in "year 14" in my school, for example). I can only speak for my maths teachers and director of Sixth Form when I say they always appreciate the visits, and very genuinely insist that we come back every now and then, even if it is just to show our face and chat for 5 minutes! However, I assume it's similar for all departments.

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