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I'll be studying in the UK starting this September and I plan to partially finance it with a Master's Loan. Now, for this to be paid to me I obviously need a UK bank account, so I have a few questions.

A) Can I just apply for the loan now and give them my account details once I've opened an account in the UK?
B) How long does opening an account in the UK take?
C) Is there any bank account you'd recommend? (I'll be receiving payments from my parents every other month)
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I think you have to add your bank details when you apply for student finance but you can change them.

Bank opening timescale varies from bank to bank, it depends what bank and account type you choose.
Accounts with overdrafts take an extra 3 days than non-overdraft accounts.

Metro Bank is great- if you want to open a simple bank account with online banking, a debit card and free online bank transfer facility up to £9000 a day.
I opened my metro account in 2 hours and got my online login & debit card immediately.
Barclays took me 9 days with an extra 2 weeks to get my debit card, but came with a photo personalised debit card and £500 fee free overdraft.
Natwest opened my account in 6 days with a £2000 fee free overdraft and two credit cards.

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