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Hi Everyone :hello:

Ever wondered how environmental disasters happen and how we deal with them? What climate change is and what we can do to help? How the Earth’s surface works and how the changes have impacted human history?

These are all questions that can be answered by applying geography- a course which will teach you more about the world we share and skills to tackle some of the most pressing issues we as a human race, face today.

It’s understandable that you might have some questions about what you’ll learn on a Geography course. To help, we thought it would be handy if we started a thread with a recent Geography graduate and one of our academics from the Geography course team.

Curious about studying geography but not sure what your options are or where it could take you career-wise? Post your question below.

Answering your questions will be:

May Bowden- BSc (Hons) Geography (Physical) graduate at NTU

She says: “The Geography course appealed to me because of the mixture of teaching styles such as indoor theory based learning as well as being able to apply this knowledge outside in the field. Additionally the field work was based both in the UK and abroad, which meant there were opportunities to travel and see the world whilst studying.”

Dr Nicholas Midgley- course leader for BSc (Hons) Geography (Physical) and personal tutor for first year, second year and final year cohorts.

His research interests include ice-marginal processes, moraine sedimentology, geomorphology and structural characteristics of glaciers. His recent work has also investigated the use of drones to obtain high-resolution imagery and produce digital surface models using consumer-grade digital cameras.

Post your question below- May and Nick are online until July 23!


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