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You see, this started many minutes ago. Someone who is highly envious of my extraordinary sense of humour, and well composed subversion of expectations, has implied that I may not be as funny as first thought. Of course, you are surely as stunned as me to hear this! It is true, however.

I hold my sense of humour in high regard, and the few people who deny this are poor confused individuals. Since they often, owing to their substantially depleted brainpower, need the approval of the public, I decided to put this question to my peers.

Am I indeed a humorous and engaging character? Or has my nonsense run thin? Of course, such a quandary could never be settled without a stipend of my wit with which to set upon the scales of your scrutiny.

Here is some of my best and original material:

Q: What is white and sits in a tree, and can kill you if it falls on your head?
A: A refrigerator.
Q: What is white and blue and sits in a tree, and can kill you if it falls on your head?
A: A refrigerator.

You would be hard pressed to find many people with my wit. Those that cannot appreciate it are the unfortunate victims of drug induced brain damage. As a well-respected pillar of the community, with only a few comments which I admit were composed purely for the humour, could I really not be all they say I am?

I always try my best to be sincere in my responses. Never once have I crossed the line and placed my gargantuan comedic prowess above my desire to give back to my peers here at TSR. Does someone so well-behaved and logical, nay, stoic, deserve the reputation of a fool?

This person believes that "Yikes" is an appropriate response to my work. I could only imagine how pompous and self important someone must be, with a crippled sense of humour I might add, to say that un-ironically. I will not identify this degenerate, for their right to anonymity and embarrassment is something I must respect. Of course, provoking the ire of someone with far too much time on their hands, such as myself, is a poor decision indeed.

My dear friends, this matter of great importance must be decided by you. Oh simpletons, how they fail to grasp the meaning behind my work. Hopefully you can set this to rest in a grave dug in solemn and honest ground.

I can't deny, perhaps my overly-serious approach to helping people on TSR verges into the unbelievable. "It is parody," you type, "nobody is that devoid of mirth". But my friends, this is the truth. While I sit in my desolate room, with nothing but the flickering light of my monitor and my 90W lightbulb to see by. The dawn is creeping into view. Oh so bright is the day to face me. I sip bottled water.

The cold beverage nourishes me, the flavourless liquid is as bland as me. It has been too long since I laughed, too long since a tear was shed for a friend swept up in jest. Must it be this way? My composition all stone and iron against the levity all around us?

It is for you, honest people of TSR, to settle this matter for good.
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(Original post by Trust Orang)
Those that cannot appreciate it are the unfortunate victims of drug induced brain damage.
You see, this is where you messed up. You should have argued that your humour is complex, multifaceted, and clever that only those with high levels of intellectual prowess can appreciate it. If every person functioning with average brain power can appreciate your humour, then your sense of humour is very bland, commonplace, and undistinguished. Now, you could do with a few lessons by yours truly to teach you about humour - and indeed life in general - but unfortunately you fall very short of the levels required of my protégés.

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