What does 'ordinarily resident' mean

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The terms and conditions of research council funding for various UK PhDs state that the applicant has to have been ordinarily resident in the UK for 3 years prior. That would be true except that I'm going to be doing a year abroad.
Can this temporary absence be ignored? I am a UK national/passport holder.

I am optimistic as documents like this have quotes like
Finite periods of volunteering, missionary work or study abroad while the person
remains a UK resident will not prevent a person being ordinarily resident.
but obviously that isn't regarding education.

Browsing old TSR threads, SFE seems to disregard finite trips from the UK as well but they aren't research councils.
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In particular: "a person can be ordinarily resident in more than one country at the same time"; "The duration of an absence is less important that the reason for the absence." and perhaps most relevantly "...Stransky v Stransky [1954] P 428, in which a woman was required to demonstrate that she had been ordinarily resident in England for the preceding 3 years. Despite overseas absences during this period of more than 15 months it was held that she had remained ordinarily resident in England."

Of course I'm not a lawyer of any sort so it's possible I've misinterpreted this, but I'd be very surprised if it turned out to be different though...if you are excessively concerned I would recommend querying the funding source directly (i.e. the research council or the supervisor for the PhD project in question), but there doesn't seem to be much suggesting cause for concern.

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