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Has anyone got any help here I know it shouldn’t be happening but I’m aged 15, 16 in the next couple of days and my partner is 15 and we took part in sexual intercourse not for the first time though and my banjo tore and blood was everywhere, my banjo has torn from masturbating once before is there any help any of u can suggest or should it heal because this is the second time it has now happened
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Snapping your Frenulum.

I'd go to a doctor - they need to know as it may not be healing properly if it's broken again and may require treatment or AE immediately if it's an emergency - extreme pain, temperature, vomiting or heavy or sustained bleeding (all unlikely).

Talk to your doctor about what to do but you want to leave it alone until it heals ( this may mean no sex or masturbation for 6 weeks or more). Do talk to your doctor as you may have a build in weakness that needs to be addressed.

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