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    Subject being studied
    Maths and Music

    Software that will be used
    Microsoft Office, Sibelius 7, Ableton Live/Logic Pro/ Pro Tools/Reason, Paint Tool Sai/Fire Alpaca

    Screen size
    13.3 inches

    Operating system preference

    Minimum amount of RAM

    Minimum battery life
    10 hours

    Minimum storage requirement
    128GB SSD

    Weight limit

    Used for playing games?

    If yes, what games?
    Minecraft, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Sims

    Touchscreen needed?

    Are there any specific ports you need?
    USBC 3.0/3.1, HDMI, SD card slot

    What devices do you have currently?
    Laptop - Dell Inspiron 14 7437, Phone - Samsung Galaxy S6

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    Any ideas?

    Some bits that would be nice to have but aren't mandatory - just to give you a bigger picture:
    1) i3 or above - 8th gen would be nice but I know it's hard to find them within my budget (I've seen a few with AMD Ryzer 5, any opinions on that processor in comparison to the intel core range?)
    2) close to an infinity display where screen goes close to the edges of the laptop
    3) Bluetooth 4.1 or 4.2 as opposed to 4.0 because right now my bluetooth headphones won't connect to my current laptop

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    Community Assistant
    You're effectively asking for an ultrabook here based on the screen size and weight, unless you buy something used there's almost no chance you're going to get something decent at that price point. You're almost certainly not going to get a HDMI port on a laptop like that as well. A small bezel display is also fairly premium. It effectively sounds like you want something along the lines of a Dell XPS 13, which meets almost all of your requirements but is a solid £400 above your budget when new.

    Honestly you'll have to broaden your requirements a bit, or up your budget to get what you want. There are 15.6 inch devices that fit the spec requirement but won't meet screen size or weight. There are 14 inch devices that get fairly close but again, won't meet everything. But unless you buy something used, you're going to struggle to find anything that fits the criteria you're after. £600 just isn't enough for what you want.
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