James Gunn has been fired from GotG 3. Thoughts? Watch

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I resent the influence the twitter outrage mob has on peoples lives. I think it's dangerous for people to hold the power to ruin the lives of others over old mistakes.

I'm not personally offended by the tweets either. Some of them made me laugh, most of them just made me think he's a bit of tw4t. Not worth losing your career over

HAVING SAID THAT, James Gunn is a smug, virtue-signalling hypocrite and I'm glad he lost the job. I appreciate the irony of the fact that his downfall was wrought by right-wing Star Wars fans whom he suggested were in need of therapy.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha!!!!

What do you think?
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Be careful about social media.
Expect it was politically motivated as he had criticised Trump.

Putting that aside then am more interested what it means for GOTG.

It was under his directorship it became the massive success it is. Its one of my favourite franchises.
Must be really sad to have your baby taken away from you. Not sure it will be the same again now.

Bautista has already stated his unhappiness and all it would take is for some of the cast to walk and you no longer have GOTG.
Cant excuse his comments, but for actual GOTG fans its a shame.
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it's not personal - it's business. guaranteed these multi-million dollar contracts includes clauses that say 'if you embarrass us, or if you tarnish the company's image we have the right to terminate you'.

basically i'm pro freedom of speech but i'm also pro freedom of contract. (that's why i get terrible anxiety when signing them.) also i've never heard of this guy, but clearly he was expendable.

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