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So, next year I'll be starting my A Levels, which includes A Level History, in which I'll be learning about Germany from 1871-1990. And, I've been looking to learn a new language. Now, Spanish is the easier, and more useful language, and it's spoken by far more people than German. However, if I learn German, I feel that it'll be more relevant to me as I'll be able to link it in with A Level history and develop a personal interest into it. Yet, German is much harder than Spanish,
and has 3 times as many pronouns.

It's been a very difficult choice. I've already started learning Spanish, however German has always been something of interest to me. If you learnt German, or have any experience with A Levels, please help.

Thanks in advance.
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There’s no doubt about it, German is a hard language. I studied both German and French and personally I found German much more difficult simply due to the word order and position of verbs being so different compared to English. However I would say A Levels are extremely hectic and studying languages at A Level along with English and Sociology was a stretch for me personally. I’d say you need to do a lot more work for any language than you would for History or any other essay subject if you want to be fluent. I’m still not fluent in either and I did so much work for it. Although if you’re genuinely interested and committed to sticking with it, yeah why not have a go. Personally though, I would focus on your actual subjects you’ve chosen as a priority and do the language on the side when you have no homework or revision to do. Hope that helps in some way.

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