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This is a lie because i have seen threads of 8 years ago!! And this issue was on even back then if it was discontinued then how come its still available now right? They just want to give out a cheaper alternative. Plus i have been on mycrogynon since a year and a half now I started after my 3 rd baby. Now i ran out of my pills and gp decided to change me onto Rigevidon. I know how pills work so i had todo research about them and its no coincidence that almost every one is having a bad reaction to these pills yet they still prescribe them to most ladies. Wth i dont get it. So i will be going gp yet again to put me back onto mycrogynon.
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Yes you can order it via Lloyd’s Online Pharmacy a Doctor will prescribe it you pay for it online then go an pick it up at your nearest Lloyd’s Pharmacy I do it all the time as the NHS refuse to give me Microgynon.
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I’ve been on Microgynon for so many years and no issues. Then had to switch to this stupid Rigevidon and everything started from there. Felt depressed and anxious, which for me was new! Went to docs and nothing was found. I knew something wasn’t right as I couldn’t switch the switch in my head. Took this *****y pill for 3 years now thinking i need help eventually and saw this link thanks to a tv programme and omg did that open my eyes. Stopped taking it and feel like myself again but somehow now after two months off i got some things going on as in burning mouth, dry/burning skin and eyes. Tongue is very read at the tip and taste is just weird. Went to GP and asked if it could be hormonal imbalance as I’ve stopped taking the pill. He isn’t sure, so wants bloods tested but I had them checked two months ago anyway🙄I reckon it could be my body adjusting. In the meantime I’m trying to get Microgynon prescribed again but don’t know how hard that will be. Can you really buy it over the counter at Lloyd’s?

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