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Any singaporeans studying in leeds?

heys i'm from singapore and will be coming to uni of leeds this september. rather excited!

wonder how's the singaporean population at there and any singaporeans out there!?:biggrin:
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Expect to see lots of Malaysians, that's the only thing i can say regarding your question. I'm not sure about Singaporeans though.
The Great Hall at University of Leeds
University of Leeds
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ok what. neighbours. :smile:

yct - you currently in leeds?
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There should be a SingSoc over there...

hey what conditional offer did you receive for durham law?
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why didnt you pick london unis? just curious :smile:
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You can survive for two months in the smaller cities like Durham or Leeds with the living expenses you spent in London.
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yes i know adel :smile: but this isnt neccessarily yct's reason for choosing durham over london unis. Some people might be able to afford the expenses but might be irked by London's location..just interested in knowing yct's personal opinion.

btw go to notts! its nice and has a proper (and very beautiful) campus. its only a one hour 30 mins ride from london also, not too near yet not too far imo. PLUS the medical school is quite renowned especially for its MRI research and has one nobel prize laureate over there. haha ok im biased since im going there. But my view is that if you want to go to city might as well go to london right? bristol doesnt come cheap either, nor do other city unis like manchester and birmingham.
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But Bristol's overall reputation seems to be much better than Nottingham, many(especially the British students)think it's quality is after Oxbridge and some of the London colleges. Bristol has a nobel prize laureate in Medicine also..but that was quite some time ago..For Medicine, both Nottingham and Bristol are equally good but since Bristol has a better overall reputation, it seems quite reasonable for me to choose the latter. I love Bristol's old charm too..Oxford-College like halls and gothic cathedrals and wills memorial building etc. Nottingham's full of Malaysians and i think it's quite true that they favour Malaysian somehow makes people think it's easier to get an offer from Nottingham(though i doubt the validity of the statement in the case of Medicine). Are you a medical student, yonanz?

By the way, both Bristol and Durham share the same reputation in England, so it's not uncommon for people to ditch certain London law schools(for example, King's)for them.We'll see what yct has to say.
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Haha ic..well whilst bristol and durham shares the same reputation in UK, yct, like you and me, is a international student and it is safe to assert that London unis like KCL or UCL have much greater international reputation, especially in Singapore. Many of the local lawyers to whom I have spoken have affirmed this view. Even warwick or durham, supposedly top instituitions in the UK, are relatively unheard of amongst local solicitors, even more so amongst employers outside the legal fraternity if he ever chooses to work in a non legal-related sector (bar those who went overseas to get their LLB). This patently demonstrates the dichotomy between domestic and international views on law school reputations. However, this dichotomy doesnt imply any sort of superiority of London law schools over non London ones, but it does speak volumes about the international reputation of London unis.

That said, Im not a medical student :smile: I am going to notts to read law next year (that explains my bias :tongue:). It seems to me that no amount of persuasion would influence your decision so best of luck in bristol! Its a great school and Im sure you will have loads of fun there anyway. About bristol being better than nottingham Im sure it will definitely raise a few eyebrows but its undoubtedly a good school. I just dont understand though when people compare unis like bristol and durham to oxbridge (esp durham's intercollegiate system) when its obvious they are in a diff league altogether. A bit of feel-good factor, but also a personal choice as well. Have fun there k!
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Thanks, you put it in a very nice manner and i appreciate that. British students have high expectation of Bristol and Durham as i suppose both of them are constantly top ten in England for individual subject's ranking, but i personally never think either one of them would be even ''comparable'' with Oxbridge, just that in England, they rank after Oxbridge so people(especially their prospective students)tend to brag about it. I saw quite a few British students saying that law graduates from Bristol are very highly regarded in the top law firms in London, don't know if that's true. Some of the London law schools' students(such as King's)even sort of admitted the saying is quite true. Anyway, i never look down on Nottingham for Medicine, or else i wouldn't even apply there in the first place. Bristol was famous and prestigious because at one time, their private school students' intake was right behind Oxbridge..

Besides, it's quite true that most people here in Asia have never heard of Bristol or Durham and all the know are the Oxbridge and the London colleges. We can't really blame them as Oxbridge are the top in the world while London is the capital city of England. However, i realised that most of them that studied overseas in the UK and even their close relatives do know about Bristol and they respect that University a lot. You don't really expect Bristol to be as famous as Oxbridge or UCL, do you? Most international law firms should at least heard of Bristol, but they probably only know Oxbridge and UCL better besides wouldn't a Bristol or Nottingham law graduate stand a better chance against a, say, Keele graduate(this is just an example).
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nope mine is for deferred entry 2009. ord-ing in this coming nov :smile:

i thought the lnat was to get you to the interview stage and serves no purpose once you are there?

anywayz durham is great also hf there~~~!
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I'm not sure of that, but I do remember that I had to take the LNAT within a few weeks of my interview with Oxford. Anyway, which university will you be going to? And just curious, which unit are you in at the moment?

going to notts :smile: that explains my bias what haha. not sure whether its convenient to tell you my unit haha. are u serving ur 1st or 2nd year?
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For a second I almost thought this was the Leeds forum :rolleyes:
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haha..don worry v fast one. that means you are flying to durham almost immediately after ORD?

What training? ocs? sispec?medic?
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Hm somewhat lar haha. dont like to reveal too much about my army life(sorrie man personal thingy) cuz I kana charged b4. don worri dude v fast one haha i still got about 9 months b4 i head over to notts. will spend the time " fruitfully" (this means bumming around and sleeping 3/4 of my time away :tongue:)
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ok i gonna be the irritating nsman who shouts, "ORD LO~"

so you guys will be coming over right? see you around then! haha
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congrats congrats..what are you studying at leeds uni?
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doing foundation 1st. ha
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icic!hf there k!
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Original post by lingzy
heys i'm from singapore and will be coming to uni of leeds this september. rather excited!

wonder how's the singaporean population at there and any singaporeans out there!?:biggrin:

Just came across this , would like to know more about this ! thank youuu

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