My Road to Success Journey... (In Progress)

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Hello guys, so this is my story so far.

- Got a place in one of the best grammar schools where I live and achieved average GCSE's 3 A's 5 B's 4 C's, not good at all for my expectations but I was distracted by 'things'.
- Stayed at the same school and did my AS levels. Failed them all...
- 2017 Moved to a new School chose Maths, accountancy, business.
- 2017: Achieved an A in mathematics (AS) , A in business (AS), failed accountancy haha!.
- 2018: Pending Results.
- 2018: Was going to Enter university but was confused since I didn't do as good as I wanted to do in my exams since I had an operation going on with my bladder.
-2018: Withdrew UCAS application as my Aunty told me she will give me a place at her School to work as a teaching assistant and work up the ranks to a deputy head teacher.
-Today (24/07/18) : Was let down by Aunty she says 'I will not take you anymore as my other colleagues said no'
-Today (24/07/18): Annoyed, mad, fire in my belly to gain success I have never felt so enraged in my life after she told me to withdraw my application and that everything will be alright.

Will edit this always and show TSR that I will achieve my Road To Success.
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Ok big man link me in the park and I'll give you a job, couple of my Chinese Gs know a one time opportunity that can make your dreams come true.

Edit: this opportunity is pending and depends on what 'things' distracted you, if they're fruity bro you're out of luck.

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