Currently Underachieving, but not worried.

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So. I've just finished year 12, and am hoping to go to Cambridge and do NatSci, but I'm underachieving in most of my subjects.

I'm doing Physics, Maths, Further Maths + Compsci, and am currently predicted A, A, C, B respectively.

Should I be worrying now? I've never really worried about exams before at all, even though I've always underachieved in all mocks because I don't really tend to try too hard for them, but get good results anyway (although not as good as I can get).

The problem is that I don't have the motivation to do well at the moment, and can't get into the habit of revising each night like I would like to.

My parents have just had the long conversation about whether I need to get extra help from personal tutors etc. that I've never even considered needing before, and for the first time in my life, I have actually struggled with one of my subjects (Further Maths).

Is appreciate some tips on how to get into the habit of revising/studying consistently, and the Best ways to revise effectively too.

If anyone has any advice for me, that'd be much appreciated!

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Hi! Check the Learning Scientists blog -
And this one too -
They have tips on the best ways to revise and the tips are very good. The main thing is to be active. Don't read or highlight - spend your time answering questions and solving problems.
Also, for motivation, I think it helps if you do only a bit of each subject and then switch to the next, and then go back. So instead of doing 3 hours straight of Maths. Do maybe only 1, then 1 hour of Compsci, then 1 hour of Physics. You can do it again the next day.
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First of all, well done on such great mock results! Whilst it not be what you wanted, don't underestimate what an achievement it is to have obtained these grades with still a year to go

I don't take any of your subjects but I can give you some general advice to also bump this thread. I think its obvious that you're capable of doing well, but you wont be able to reflect that if you don't revise and work for your grades. The first thing I'd recommend is make a checklist for the summer, in my personal opinion, the longer and more specific you make it the better. This way you know what you need to get done this summer and for me personally, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder with each task I cross off in green pen.

Next I recommend you integrate your routine with bits of revision. You cant wait for motivation to come to you, you have to cause yourself to be motivated. I recommend that whilst you're on YouTube or on TSR, you watch videos/read study hacks/things about Oxbridge to set that reminder in your head that you need to work hard to do well and that you have a list things to be done. I recommend youtubers like IbzMo (he actually makes you want to revise just because it sounds almost fun?) UnjadedJade, Courtney Daniella, Jack Edwards, you get the general crowd I'm on about. Also look Cambridge threads, accomodations, things you want to do in the future, if you're truly determined to get in then that alone should serve as motivation

Lastly, know where you go wrong and solve it. If you know that you don't understand a certain technique or area then teach yourself. Whilst this summer is for relaxation, its a great opportunity for those who want great grades to work hard and perfect their mistakes.

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