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I started the GDL in January, so completed the first batch of exams in June, and will complete the remaining papers in September.

Yesterday, I received my mark for four modules and the ethics coursework. Despite receiving a 78 for my coursework, all of my other modules were comfortable Commendations (around 65).

I'm flabbergasted by this. I spent a lot of time memorising the structure, cases, and statutes. Moreover, students who struggled to grasp the law received marks only marginally lower than mine.

A question for Distinction level students: How? And were your marks on your second set of exams substantially higher than your first?
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A lot of people seem to see an improvement in their marks as they settle into the course and get more practice at doing exam-style questions. I started the GDL in September and averaged out at about the same as you in my January exams, but managed to pull it up to a Distinction after the second set of exams. Another Distinction student I spoke to (who encouraged me when I felt the same as you) had the same experience last year. Other people I know managed to improve their passes to Commendations.

Imo, doing well on the GDL has little to do with quickly you grasp the concepts in class (provided that you're smart enough to get it eventually); like with GCSEs/A levels, it's more about exam technique and giving the examiner exactly what they want. Do a lot of practice questions and use your GDL provider's resources to look at the structure of any sample answers/answer guidance. Use headings for basically everything ever, and memorise some concisely worded key definitions and principles so you don't have to spend too long thinking/waffling about it in the exam.

So don't feel too discouraged - being able to get comfortable Commendations is already fantastic, and is a great starting point for potential improvement. It sounds like you're on the right track, so just keep working hard and trying your best!

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