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Samantha is a lawyer who gives business law advice to start-up businesses. In order to increase customer numbers, Samantha posted the following advert in the local newspaper:

Liam has just set up an online book swap site. He saw Samantha’s advert in the local newspaper and would like some legal advice on the implications of incorporating his business. He emailed Samantha on Thursday morning as follows: “I would like to instruct you to give me legal advice on the incorporation of my business. I will pay you £100 per hour. Please let me know when would be a convenient time to meet”. Samantha replied to the email on Thursday evening saying “Let’s meet on Wednesday at 9am. My usual rate is £150 per contact hour. Please read, sign and return the terms of business to me via email in preparation for the meeting on Wednesday”. On Saturday, Liam signed and put the terms of business in the post, addressed to 68 High Street, as he did not have access to a scanner. At the meeting on Wednesday, Samantha says that, having looked at Liam’s business, she needs to charge £200 per hour due to the complexities of his future business plan. Liam is refusing to pay £200 per hour and referred to the signed terms of business. Samantha is adamant that she has not received these.

What legal advice would you give Samantha, because I'm really stumped by this :/

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