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Hello, I am a 14 year old that is currently on my summer break. I’ve been noticing day by day my sleep schedule has been gradually getting worse over time. Currently I’m in a situation we’re I have not steeped for about 20 hours and it is currently 5:44am and I don’t know if I should stay up until about 9:00pm and fix the problem but be extremely tiered or if I should take a nap during the day when I can fall asleep but still make my sleep schedule worse?
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you’ve probably completely lost your routine (staying up late and then waking up late). it’s fairly easy to solve.
try to make sure you don’t nap after 3. if you do, your body doesn’t have a chance to get tired again. try to sleep as early as you can (even if it is like 5/6am) then set your alarm for 9. you’ll be absolutely knackered all day but then if you go to bed at a reasonable time, you’ll start getting back into a routine. the other thing is, you’ve probably been tired from school and now you’re not tired. try to make yourself tired. do some exercise or something to actually simulate your body so you need more rest. obviously all the other things of don’t drink too much caffeine, drink warm milk, make sure your bedroom is cooler at night (hard at the moment i know, but try googling how to stay cool as being warm really messes with your sleep pattern). try relaxation music and mindfulness as these really send you sleepy. try and get up to do something because you’ll get more tired that way and if you can’t sleep at night, turn your light on and do something for a bit because if you just lie in the dark, you’ll never sleep!

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