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Long story short:

- I woke up one morning with moderate back pain, assumed I slept improperly, but it got worse next day. Paracetamol and ibuprofen failed to ease the pain.

- Went to GP immediately who prescribed me gastro-resistant tablets.

- Couple days later the pain was excruciating I went hospital, and following a long string of tests (most of which came back normal) I was diagnosed with a lung infection.

- Prescribed a 5day course of anti-biotics, which has now stopped the pain from being excruciating and I can breath deeply without pain again.

- Presently: Went for a follow-up and doctor has said my WBC count is a bit low, so she wants me to return for another blood test tomorrow. Her line of questioning regarding if I had experienced any other symptoms (such has sore throat or fever) seemed aimed at HIV. Although she carried out a test that came back negative. Ultimately, there could be an underlining cause beyond an infection that caused the pleurisy.

Current I have back, shoulder and neck ache on my right side that is a little helped by ibuprofen but doesn't seem to be doing down. I'm concerned perhaps the infection is not entirely clear? It's worth noting that 1.5 months ago I came back from a 10day holiday in Thailand and generally I am very healthy 27yr and rarely ever get sick.

Does anyone have experience / knowledge on this?

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