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Hi, all

I would like to have your advice to select the proper program for me.
I have been working as middle management in internal audit department of a large financial institution which have Banking, Asset Management, Securities Brokerage and Insurance.

My goal is to switch career in to business development or strategic planning or market research. I prefer to work in the financial industry or tech company.
I plan to study my second post-graduate degree by distance learning due to my schedule and the quality of education from UK business school.

Now I apply for the following program and the application status are listed as below.

1) MBA, Warwick Business School
The curriculum was very general, boarder elective course than Durham and two finance elective. The program require two on campus meeting. The program fee is higher than other program.

2) MBA, Durham University Business School
The program fee is very attractive compared to other MBA program.
But the program does not have finance elective.

3) M.Sc. Global Finance, Cass Business School
The program fee is equal to MBA-Durham. There are 12 core courses without elective or quantitative subjects. The program has aim for financial institution management.

4) M.Sc. Global Finance and Banking, King's College Business School
The program fee is equal to Cass. There are 12 core courses, including quantitative method in finance and financial econometric. The program has focus on banking business. I think the business development or strategic planning require quantitative skill.

Which program is proper for me to meet my goal in the near future?

Please advice.

Thank you very much and best regards,
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Personally I think all 4 places are great in terms of reputation and graduate prospects.

However if taking both overall reputation and prestige of business school into consideration then Warwick seems to be the best choice for your future career.

Durham is immensely prestigious in the UK but it is more well known in politics & law.

KCL is outstanding in international league table (being top 20-50 in most world rankings) but it is more popular in law & humanities subjects

CASS Business School is great and one of top choices for those wanting to live in London but Warwick might be a bit better as they have higher overall reputation while their business schools are roughly in the same tier.

Best of luck with your selection
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Thank you for information.

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