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I'm a 27 year old gay guy and never have sexual desires or sexual attractions. I have a very "boyish" figure at 5ft2" and 7stone4 I am very small. I can't grow facial, body, leg and never had pubic hair. I find it very hard to get into night clubs and having drinks at bars. When I tell people I'm 27 there jaws drop to the floor and think I'm lying. I also sound like a girl people are always calling me miss on the phone. My voice hasn't broken yet.

I'm very well groomed, keep my self clean and I always get compliments. People always mistake me for 16 or younger which doesn't bother me it's my sexual feelings that are worrying me and they affect my relationships. I've been with 10 guys they were very satisfied and enjoyed it. I have very low testosterone levels and fast metabolism which means I cant put on weight.

I feel like i'm a girl inside a boys body but not a transgender. I feel like an outcast and sometimes guys get a bit funny that I'm asexual. When I was younger my mum suspected something was a bit different, but is always supportive and when I came out at 12 she already knew I was gay.

I'm not sure why I have no sexual desires, attractions never had pubic hair and still have the same figure I did when I was 15?
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Nothing strange about being a human being.

I'd have a chat to a doctor - it sounds like there is a significant medical component to this, which could require treatment.

Being gay is of course perfectly normal as is identifying more with the opposite gender, though both would put you in the minority.

Asexual tends to mean someone lacking sexual desire - so it's interesting that you identify yourself as gay and have been in what sound like sexual relationships. What do you mean by asexual - lacking desire or limited desire or limits sexual ability?

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