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TITLE: The Ethics Of Animal Testing

Could you imagine, being a defenceless animal, born into an industry that blinds, poisons and kills animals for our so called benefit? Animal Testing causes suffering on a massive scale. In 2015, 4.14 million procedures were conducted on animals in British laboratories. Animals have no voice they cannot object to it, cosmetic animal testing is still legal in 80% of countries, including, Australia, America and Canada and in China it is a compulsory legal requirement, approximately one hundred to two hundred thousand animals a year suffer and die from cosmetic testing this includes rats, mice, monkeys, dogs, cats, hamsters and fish.

Many believe that animal testing is unethical, barbaric and outdated. Most of the time it doesn’t even work, animals are different to humans, so when animals tested drugs get to human clinical trials they fail. Only 8% of animals tested drugs actually work on humans; meaning 92% don’t work and fail. Hundreds of animals suffer for these results … it is a waste. Animals often walk away with poisoning from toxicity testing, burning skin, brain damage and blinding. unfortunately, most if not all animals die before the trails finish. So if animal testing is ineffective and unnecessary why so scientists still do it? I believe that it is time to switch to a safe and humane alternative.

Animals are not objects; they feel immense pain. In many countries they do not even have the right to receive pain killers. Almost all of us here would have had a childhood pet, whether it was a dog, a Guinea pig perhaps just a fish, my point is that pets are cherished, loved and adored. so why is it that pets are any different to the animals currently trapped in cages across the country. The suffering is not restricted to the inhumane experimental procedure itself but extends to every single hour of the animal's life in the laboratory, todays protocols cause animals intense suffering such as long term isolation, electric shocks, withholding from food and water, excessive breeding and infant separation from the mother.

There is still hope...Across the globe hundreds of people and companies are attempting to make a big difference. Companies such as LUSH, the body shop and Kat von d are all anti animal testing and vegan, the body shop run a campaign called the ‘forever against animal testing campaign’, it has since received over 4 million signatures and according to many it is the biggest campaign for the cause in history. however unfortunately many popular worldwide brands such as Maybelline, Revlon and Rimmel London all still test on animals. we need to stop this and help give animals the voices they don’t have.

( my speech needs to be 3+ mins long and I would like to aim for a merit-distinction level, is there anything I could add or change to achieve this?)

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