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So, I had been talking to this guy for a while and I was purposely holding out the kiss as I don’t kiss straight away and then we saw eachother in a club and kissed as It had been some time. But he has now ghosted me which hurts a bit as we had been talking for ages and said he would take me out but then once he got what he wanted he was off and I knew he was a player and he didn’t mind kissing in front of his friends which sounds like he wanted to show off to them :/

But I don’t know why but I can’t stop replying and overthinking the night in my head. I keep thinking maybe I should have kissed him more or maybe for longer??
We kissed about 4 times and 2 were like 20 seconds and the other 2 shorter! Do you think I should have kissed him a lot more or for longer? Or was it enough??

I know this sounds massively overthinking but I just keep thinking those questions and need some reassurance :/

Thank you and please no nasty comments lol
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You should talk to him about it. Might as well get an honest confession. If you are a teen, then you do understand that most relationships do not last. Unless he is willing to be with you, then I'd say leave it.

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