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Hi there, I'm looking into going to uni next year 2019/2020 to study Paramedic Science.

This is so random but;
I struggle when i hear/see people being sick, I tend to dry heave alot. I'm perfectly fine with other bodily fluids, just not vomit. So I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks people use to help stop the heaving? Or what you do to cope.
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In general to get over a fear or something, you can try systematic desensitisation or flooding.

Systematic desensitisation you basically make a hierarchy of things from easiest to worst to cope with. So youd think about people vomiting, then once youre comfortable with that, watch a video of it or something.

Or with flooding, just go staright into watching videos until you are so used to it - it might take a while, but learn breathing exercises etc to help you

I know that to try and prevent youre gag reflex you can try squeezing your thumb in your hand by making a fist with your thumb under your fingers.
Or try counting backwards from 500 when someone vomits (practice with videos)

It may pass with time, but it shouldn't hold you back - try not to expect to dry heave when someone vomits, and kearn what to do to help someone vomiting to give you something to focus on.

Good luck applying etc

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