Need some advice please-no one seems to care!!

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Sorry this is long- if you have time please do have a read. If not-no worries.

I'm so upset and confused.
I got rejected for Midwifery which was really a back up. I always wanted to do optometry but feared I may not get accepted so instead applied for Midiwfery and got rejected from all of them.😢😢😢
So now I applied to Aston for Optometry and they have given me an offer if I get BBB. My target is only ABC!!
Truthfully if I get rejected for Optometry I'm going to be shattered!😢

My favourite teacher has always been so supportive and was the one who encouraged me to apply for Optom following my rejections.

As results day is near- I'm thinking of some backup (I've been told it's always a good idea) and I don't know what to do!!!! 😢😢 i want to go into healthcare and go to a local uni -not too far.
I'm looking at local Univeristies such as BCU/Aston etc and the courses they have available through clearing (which is what I'll be using if I don't get to do Optometry).😢

My sisters doing Pharmacy and she is happy as she's able to do what she wanted.
When I try and talk to my family about my options they tell me nt to worry and that I'll get to do what I've always wanted and that's Optometry-they don't understand that I'm finding it so hard to look for a backup.😢😢😢

All I know is that If I don't get into Optometry I want to go into healthcare and in profession that will allow me to help people.

I don't know who to ask for advice- my teacher stays in touch with me but I don't want to bother her and ask her for help and how I'm struggling to find a backup course that's suitable for me!
Before we finished sixth form-she did give me a list of websites that I can explore and I have but I can't find anything!!!! And I'll feel bad if I bother her again.

What shall I do- please help!
Do you know any ideas of well payed healthcare careers that I can do if I don't get to do Optom?
(I don't want to do nursing and as for Midiwfery I've already been rejected from every local uni in my area).

Thank you!!!
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Nursing is one career.

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