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Hi there! My advice is much the same as what's already been mentioned, BUT:

You're giving yourself a disadvantage as a person if you don't dive into Freshers with all that you can. Now, I don't even mean the alcohol and clubbing, I don't have any real intentions of that myself, but...

Meeting people and trying new things will develop you as a person, sitting at home scrolling through facebook will not. But meet people, and be curious about them and what they do; sign up for all the stuff you can, try it, and the WORST that will happen is that you have a wasted hour or two.

Yes, you have all your life to be social and try things... But not in the uni context, where it's okay just to walk up to people and chat, and where you WILL have a decent amount of free time compared to having a full-time job.

Doing the thing that scares us most is what it develops us most as a person. I spent years and years avoiding this sort of thing and it means that I'm only now going to Uni at age 25, LOL. Grab life by the balls now. And again, that doesn't mean club, pub and drink yourself into a stupor. <3

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