Could anyone help me come up with points for my presentation?

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Its mainly about man vs evil and utopias I just need some points to be honest its for my speaking and listening exam i've got a bunch of stuff jumbled out in my head but I can't seem to make them come out properly something among the lines of how men overcome evil. If evil is really even evil or its just something that we makeup. How some people just get almost caught in a lie - lying to yourself to believe something and giving in to the lies of others and you yourself lying to others then just being lost as a person a man trying to look to the bright side in order to acheive your so called perfect world or whatever you want to achieve but then realising how vicious and brutal the world is for trapping you then after that feeling like you lost something then after that how a mans emotions changes after they've realised almost getting lost in their feelings and even themselves.Whilst being lost you are then faced with many paths on how to deal with your emotions but you can't seem to get out of that bubble but you try anyways to get through the sadness. Evil could be anything if you put it into context lust maybe hate ... leaving happiness (utopia) to face the real world accepting emotions which are known as negative like depression. How we react after we lose a person that we love the feeling of waiting and all that jazz. Ive kinda researched utopia in religions (mainly like heaven in abrahamic religions) but also like hellenism since the word utopia comes from like mid 16th century greece so might as well search about the religions they believed in. Also not just that but books like sir thomas more's 'utopia' and his views for example with religion it would probably be tolerance of others and other religions but in for example Ursula le guin's the ones who walked away from omelas where it says "religion yes but clergy no" where it suggests that religion itself isn't what causes conflict but people controlling the religion.or that they are so into the religion that they don't need intermediary however when i say requirements for omelas there is a large requirement for omelas to work which is quite dark but i wont spoil but for things like christianity its to believe in jesus christ and stuff like that and be christian for islam its be a muslim and follow the rules etc etc if you get what im saying (you can probs tell I watch a lot of BTS mv theory videos and read about it alot because i wouldn't be able to come up with this alone) concepts like hedonism. Reaching the peak of success but realising happiness isnt found. Is a utopia even possible?

Honestly never done a presentation before apart from a couple of IT lessons where its like present your work and you use a powerpoint and pretty much read off of the powerpoint. The teacher told us we aren't allowed to use powerpoints and we just have to speak and i havent even started creating something and they say the exam is gonna be on the 10th of september on the first week i get back to school in year 10 . people have told me its really easy but im not really good at presenting and speaking out loud honestly my hands shake just speaking in french to my french teacher when its not even exam conditions . they gave us free choice on what to do our presentation about but said higher marks would be given to presenting on things like like capitalism and socialism , psychology, music influence on youths, knife crime, art, rennaisance blah blah all them intelligent topics and we were told you cant present on things like movies and comics even though some of us can give perfect presentations on every single spiderman ever and marvel.

Ive looked through a couple of things and thought maybe this would be my basic presentation structure i dont know. No idea how to put everything ive just said into basic points to elaborate on when im speaking. I don't want to make my audience bored. Our presentation has to be 10 minutes long which means im just going to be there for a whoooooollleeeeeee 10 minutes talking about something i have no idea how to prepare for. I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING YET APART FROM RESEARCH FOR A WHOLE WEEK BUT I DIDN'T GET MUCH and i have a really bad memory so i can't remember well unless i prepare for like a whole month even then it wont be good. because i'll be like um um um trying to recall things trust im like an old lady and the doctors gave me fish oil SHOOT YEAH I NEED TO TAKE MY OMEGA 3 PILLS i forgot.

So yeah if that explained everything

btw its in nearly 4 weeks

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