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With uni starting next month tons of people are looking for decent student broadband deals.

Here are a few of the best student deals around at the moment, plus the ratings from customers.

Personally, I would pay a tiny bit more to get fast internet and decent reliability - especially in a house of 4+ people who could be watching Netflix at the same time.

I've highlighted the best deals imo.

Now Broadband

Pros - super cheap deals and great contract length

Cons - mixed reviews and not many of them

36mb, unlimited data, 12-month contract - £20/month and £10 fee [great option]

63mb, unlimited data, 12-month contract - £30/month and £10 fee

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Pros -renowned due to good customer service,3/5 rated on

Cons - 18-month contracts, which won't work for many students.

36mb, unlimited data, 18-month contract - £23.99/month and no fee

66mb, unlimited data, 18-month contract - £28.99/month and no fee [great option]

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BT Broadband Deals

Pros -9-month contract, you often get a £5 discount on your BT mobile contract (makes some of their data plans awesome), get free BT Openzone Wifi anywhere.

Cons - 9-month plans work out more expensive per month, 2.8/5 rated on which is towards the bottom of the rankings.


50mb, unlimited data, 18-month contract, free £100 and BT Sport - £29.99/month + £9.99 fee [great option]

50mb, unlimited data, 9-month contract - £35/month + £44.99 activation fee

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EE Broadband Deals

36mb, unlimited data, 18-month contract - £26/month and £10 fee

67mb, unlimited data, 18-month contract - £30/month and £10 fee

More EE deals

Pros - deals and ratings are fairly average

Cons - contract length is too long for many students

Sky Broadband Deals

Pros - cheap contract price for low-speed options

Cons - worst rated provider of the bunch

11mb unlimited data, 12-month contract - £20/month and £10 fee plus a free £75 gift card

36mb, unlimited data, 18-month contract - £25/month and £10 fee plus a free £75 gift card

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Pros -decent customer reviews, 30 day contract is great

Cons - there are cheaper options

50mb, unlimited data, 12-month contract - £27/month and no fee

100mb, unlimited data, 30-day contract - £40/month and £20 fee [great option]

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If you've seen a better deal around, stick it below!
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It's also worth noting that if you're moving into a house and it already has a hub installed, left there by the previous tenants, any one-off installation fee in the deal will not need to be paid if it's from the same provider.
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These really aren't good deals these days.

Vodafone are giving some prices which kill these quotes and the quotes these days.

This thread should link the uswitch broadband comparison website (I've got a feeling this is an paid thread though):

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