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For loads of students, one of the best things about university is living away from home. You get to do (almost) whatever you want, you'll meet loads of new people, and you can wake up half an hour before lectures and still roll up on time.

If you've applied for accommodation, you'll find out where you're living on A-Level Results Day (16th August). Use this topic to meet your new flatmates, or to ask us any questions about living on-campus.

Please remember that while topics like this are a great way to meet your future flatmates, be careful about what information you give out online.


Common Questions


Q: When will I found out about my accommodation?
A: If you applied for accommodation earlier this year and your place at Edge Hill has been confirmed, the Accommodation team will email you on A-Level Results Day with the results of your application. If you've achieved a place via Clearing, please email [email protected] or call 01695 584 200 to discuss halls further.

Q: What day do I move into halls?
A: Your move-in day is Sunday 16th September. Arrival times are staggered by surname, so please visit ehu.ac.uk/4d7 to see what time you should arrive.

Q: What should I pack for moving on-campus?
A: We have a packing list at ehu.ac.uk/whattobring, which also includes items you should avoid bringing.

Q: I’m moving into [ROOM], what colour are the walls/how thick are the curtains/what’s the size (in inches) of the desk?A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide information on how your room will look. Our Accommodation team check the rooms before you move in, and may make changes including repainting and replacing items.

Q: Can I visit Edge Hill before I start?
A: You certainly can! We have an Open Day on Saturday 18th August, as well as campus tours running from A-Level Results Day. However, you won't be able to visit the specific room you'll move into. Please go to ehu.ac.uk/visitus for more info.

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Hi - sorry you haven't had a response to this yet. I'm just going to bump the thread in the hope that someone sees this and can help

Why do I do this?

The Universities forums get a lot of questions that are unanswered. This is often because the OP's thread got missed - bumping threads gives them another lease of life and frequently results in someone seeing it and being able to respond

If you would like to help with unanswered questions check out the first part of the list here and don't forget the second part of the list here.

Or if you have questions, get in touch with Puddles the Monkey.

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