Friend Betrayed ME in the Worst Way Possbile - Now I'm Depressed ;( Watch

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Hi all,

This happened in my first year of uni life which made me super upset. So basically it was the beginning of my uni life, I was starting to meet new people making new friends and etc.... so one day, to meet like minded people I set out to join an anime society at my uni as I was quite interested in watching japanese anime and was able to speak japanese fluently.

Therefore I followed the map of the uni on my phone to navigate my way to the society room, I manage to find the room but no one was there so I go back out and down the stairs where I saw a rather confused looking asian girl who also had her phone out, so I said to her 'Do you know where the anime society is located at?' and she instantly said 'oh ok actually I was looking for the same destination' so we searched and searched for the room and finally found it so we entered, she sat behind and I sat at the front. After couple of minutes of watching anime she decided to move seat and sat next to me we started having a conversation and found out that she could also speak Japanese!. (I instantly had a crush on her) at the end we exchanged numbers then texted couple of times and didn't talk for about a month then wards.

After a month passed by I had an brilliant idea! that I would start a japanese society and teach other students Japanese together with her so I would get to know her even more and maybe ask her out but for this to happen I had to fill in a society form and get 20 signatures from students so I met up with her told her about my idea to start a japanese society which she agreed happily so we went to anime society and collected 14 signatures from there. Then she said 'we need 6 more signatures now why not let your friends sign the form and give it to me so that I will let my friend sign as well' so I just about managed 4 of my good newly met uni friends to sign the form and met up with her again and gave her the form so that she could ask her friend to add 2 more signatures...... Which never happened as she took the society form and never gave it to me nor she ever replied! she betrayed me

Thank You for reading this and I would appreciate if any one would cheer me up.
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Did you ask her why she didn't give it to you? Assuming it was a betrayal is just a possibility, not a fact.
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