Moving to Westminster School for Sixth Form

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I'm currently about to go into Year 11 at Henrietta Barnett and considering moving to Westminster School for sixth form.

My ideal A Level choices are French, Spanish, History and Geography but these don't fit into the option blocks on their website, so I'm not sure if I'd have to change my choices, or if they'd let me take my preferred combination - if any current/past sixth formers at the school could give me more info about subject choices that'd be great! My predicted grades are probably level 8 and 9s across the board in my 11 GCSEs at school and an A/A* in Mandarin Chinese, which I took this year.

My main problem is affording the fees: I'd either have to be offered a bursary or a scholarship (the latter is extremely unlikely, seeing as there are only four scholarships and so many applicants), as well as whether or not the environment would actually suit me. I've heard a lot of things about the high pressure environment of the school but that's something I'm used to considering where I currently go; I'm more concerned about the kind of people that go ie. generally rich, privileged students who I haven't really ever associated with because of my own background. If anybody who moved into Westminster (preferably girls, or people who came in from state or grammar schools, because I've heard that this definitely affects the entire experience) for sixth form could give me tips or info on what the entire vibe is like and how to deal with the changeover that'd be brilliant.

The other problem is the actual admissions process, because I've heard many polarising comments about their internal exams - some say that you can't prepare for them, others that they revised before the exams and ended up doing very well. My query specifically is obviously about the languages, history and geography exams/interview and what they actually involve/ what they're like. There isn't an awful lot of information on their website about the actual process, unfortunately!

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!
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Hi I'm in a very similar situation to you right now. How did it go/what did you find out?

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