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I have been offered a place this October to undertake my EdD. I am just about to finish my Masters. Masters began in September 2016 with loan from student finance, last payment April 2018. When I tried to apply online I can't as it says I will have 2 loans in the same academic year. When I rand Student Finance England I was put on hold a lot by a lady constantly asking others for the position on this. She said my end date was 31st August 2018 from my original information but still kept insisting a start date of October 2018 was the same academic year?!

When I looked online the dates given don't appear to make it so but when I asked her for dates for the academic year she said they didn't have dates as such (whatever that means).

Am I really ineligible and have to defer for a year, or not?

I also asked if I could claim funding at a later date eg at the start of my second year but was told it had to be for the entirety of the course (thinking I could get a bank loan for maybe the first year). Is this correct?

Thank you for any help. I really don't want to postpone a year :-(
Gerard SFE
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When making an application for Postgraduate support, our system has an automated concurrency check which will determine if a students Masters course overlaps with their Doctoral course. As the actual end date for the Masters course is not captured an assumed date is entered. As a result we are required to request confirmation from the student of the end of their Master's course.

Where the study is deemed to overlap, the assessment will move to a manual assessment status. At this point a Processing team will request evidence from a student confirming the end date of the Masters. The student's application will remain at this status until the team have validated the concurrent study evidence.

Evidence should be a letter from the HEP (on headed paper), signed and dated and confirming the end date of the Masters course. Once evidence has been received the application can be moved on.

If your Masters course ended in August 2018 it would have an academic year start date of September 2017 and your Doctoral course begins in October 2018 this would have an academic year start date of September 2018 therefore this would be classed as two academic years.


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