Maintenance Loan for over 25s - parental income relevant when living away from home?

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  1. I am 27 and about to start a teacher training course, and I expect to be living in London during the course (away from the family home, which I part-own, with a mortgage). Is there a reason why the SFE questions asked for my household income including my parents salary? Is the house hold income meant to mean the income at the house where I will be living during this course (in which case, £0) or is it meant to be the household income back home in sussex?
  2. I have provided the household income for my home back in Sussex where I pay majority of the bills, this household income includes my mother's income (over £25k, but she is a pensioner!) but I'm not sure why my parents income is relevant when I am 27 and have my own home and mortgage to pay and will not be assisted by a parental income whilst studying and living away from home in London... I am concerned that it will reduce the overall total I am entitled to when in reality I will have 0 income and no parental support during this PGCE, and if I am not assessed to get at least £8-11 k maintenance loan I will be unable to afford the cost of study and living in London.
Gerard SFE
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Hi Alexac2812

If you are over 25 you would be assessed as an independent student. Therefore we should not require your parents to provide your financial information.
If your application has been assessed based on their details, you should contact our office in order for us to discuss your application.


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