Healthcare Science (Cardiac) or Diagnostic Radiography? Watch

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Hello everyone

I'm starting an Access to Science course in a few weeks and I have been thinking about what I would like to study at University.

I've been set on Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) as I've always had an interest in anatomy and physiology, in particular the heart, based on many family members having heart disease. I've just finished two days work shadowing (I know, just the two days!) cardiac physiologists and whilst I found it extremely interesting, I did particularly enjoy echocardiography and looking at the heart that way and trying to decipher what we were looking at. This got me thinking about specialising in this area or looking into something a bit broader, and diagnosing other illnesses in the body...

Would it be worth arranging work experience in radiography to compare?

It would be great to hear from students in both areas to hear your experiences.

I almost feel a bit guilty about looking at DR because I've been set on cardiac science for a couple of years now..but I could find it quite interesting to have more variety! I don't know.

Thanks for reading my ramble!
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Hello, yes absolutely try a DR work experience. Although if you are interested primarily in the cardiac side of things you may find that this is quite far removed in initial training. Also if you are wanting to do DR to ultimately work in cardiac ultrasound, then doing a cardiac physiology (CP) degree is the right move for you. It will better prepare you in terms in terms of holistic cardiac knowledge and post qualification you can then become a echocardiographer. To my knowledge a person originating from DR background cannot become an echo cardiographer and will instead be employed under the title of cardiac sonographer if successful at interview- this title is homologous. Do note that often in order to climb the career ladder you will have to specialise anyway- so settling on cardiac now could be a good move for you. Although if your heart is not set, then starting broader on a DR degree may be better for you. Hope this helps
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