Is it allowed to retake only one component?

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So I'm in CIE option 2 programme with AS level on the first year and A2 on the second. I just got my AS results back and it turns out I got a B on math, turns out I got a pretty good score for Pure Math 1 but my Statistics isn't very good, which brought down my overall math score. Is it possible if I only retake Statistics? Or do I have to retake BOTH Pure Math 1 & Statistics? Also, if I retake and get worse on the AS level does the CIE choose the best one or the latest one (meaning the score I get for retake) for the final A level certificate? And also, if I retake both Pure Math 1 and Statistics and it turns out I get a better score for Statistics and a worse score for Pure Math 1, does the CIE choose the old or new Pure Math 1 score for the overall math score on the A level certificate?

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