Academic stress in week 0 at University of Oxford?

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At University of Oxford, are there quizes or exams or anything of the kind in week 0 (starting 1st. Oct)?

Also how bad is it if I haven’t finished reading the books listed in the reading list? There are 3 books to be read in total and I strongly doubt it that I can finish them all in good time.

Is there academic work in week 0? I’m worried I might get distracted and couldn’t focus on getting to know other people and making friends.

Many thanks. I’m already feeling stressed even if nothing has officially started yet 😂
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Based on my experience (humanities subject), I suppose 0th Week will be busy, but not really for academic reasons. There might be a meeting with your tutors to discuss your timetable and any (light) preparation for 1st Week, but most of it will be dedicated to Freshers' Week activities: Freshers' Fair, all kinds of activities (pub quiz, treasure hunt, …), talks about college life, library inductions, Freshers' Dinner, and of course club nights (should that be your thing). You will get a timetable from your college before you arrive. Once there, you'll probably have more than enough time to get to meet other students and have fun.

That also means you will almost certainly have no college exams ('collections' in Freshers' Week. (What would be the point?) How important your summer reading is depends on your subject and your tutors, though since you only have a reading list of three books they might all be important – if I were you I'd try to read them all. You won't need them in 0th Week, though – any actual work will probably only start in 1st Week.

It's normal to feel stressed, but remember that everyone in your year is in the same boat – and, after all, Freshers' Week is designed to help all freshers relax and get used to university life.

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