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The human have a lot of stages in life. So as we become older we find new emotions, new experiences, feeling. For nobody is common to feel strange. Most of teenagers experiment difficult situations, about "love", family, studies, etc. so they make a bad decision like* drugs, gangs, alcoholism and another thing i don't know yet.*

On the other hand, there are some that take the most of the "difficult situations".* Everybody knows there are good friends and bad friends. We have to be very careful with this, we have to know to say no what we we don't want and nobody will force us to do those things.

About love, we are teenagers what we feel is not clear so be careful with this. Remember: "No matter how big is the*sweetie, but is not love". Love is not just physical attraction, it is we want to share experiences, emotions and progress together. This is love.

There are a lot of mothers very young, they don't know to say NO. They act very hurry.* Mos of the girls do sex because they want to be wanted, loved, etc. They don't release some men are not responsible of their acts.

As a conclusion the teenagers make bad decision when they fare in new situation. I wpould like to Finish with the following idiom "When in rome do as the romans do". It means when you are in a new or common situation do what you have to do. Wait for your moment, everything has its place and time.

So What dou you think about this topic?
am I posting in the correct place?
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Trying to figure out what you're actually trying to say and what your main points are so bare with me.

You're right, with age comes new experiences, both good and bad. Your second point I think is about peer pressure? And yes, one must be careful about it but it will always happen and I don' think any less of my friends who have peer pressured me into things in the past. I am my own person.

Your point about teenage love I couldn't disagree with more. I know many teenage romances that have been the real thing.

Again with your teenage pregnancy point, it's a lot more complicated than that. A woman does not simply have sex to feel wanted. Instead, it's part of the experiences of growing up that you mention in your opening remark. In addition to this, your last sentence seems to blame the men for young girls becoming pregnant, though this is unfair as it's a two person job.

I don't know what this thread is about, whether you want an open dialogue or not, but I think some of these statements are wrong fundamentally.

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