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I have read in numerous a-level textbooks that hazard mitigation strategies are supposed to ‘avoid, delay or prevent hazard events’. So how come hazard resistant design is a mitigation strategy because it won’t stop a hazard occurring. Wouldn’t it be an adaptation strategy instead since it ‘reduces the impacts of hazard events’ and decreases vulnerability. Is anyone able to explain the difference to me?

Many thanks.
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I learnt hazard management techniques using the headings modify the event, the vulnerability and the loss (from the OCR a-level textbook I think)
Modify the event is stopping the event from happening, delaying it or reducing the impact of the event by actively interfering with it e.g. by spraying water over lava to cool it and stop it spreading.
Modifying the vulnerability reducing a place’s/people’s vulnerability to events e.g. using evacuation, hazard-proof buildings, education etc.
Modifying the loss is what happens during and after an event to stop people dying, destruction of buildings, disease etc. so reducing losses e.g. aid, emergency services, evacuation (during the event) etc.
Sorry if this doesn’t seem very clear, have a read of the OCR textbook because it explains it much better than me.
Hope this helped xx
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