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I want to do chemistry, biology or biochemistry as a degree. Hence, should I do further maths or physics. I am currently doing single maths and an AS in FM. Help please!!

NB I got a clean sweep of IGCSE A* and 9's (only English and maths is 1-9 for IGCSE)
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If you want to do Chemistry, you need A-level Chemistry, which is also a requirement for many bioscience courses, including Biochemistry. Usually the latter also require or prefer A-level Biology, so that would be a sensible second choice. For your third option, normally anything is fine, but some prefer three STEM subjects and a few (e.g. Cambridge Natural Sciences) may require A-level Maths.

A-level Further Maths isn't required for any of the courses you noted, but might be helpful for some Chemistry degree courses (not so much the bioscience ones though). A-level Physics may be helpful for a Chemistry degree as well, but isn't required and A-level Maths would probably be more useful than A-level Physics if you have to choose between them. Taking FM only to AS would be a good compromise to make sure you get the necessary grades in the three main A-levels, and you'll have covered most/all of the relevant topics to Chemistry in the AS I believe (matrices, complex numbers, more calculus and vectors primarily).

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