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Hi, I have just been given the contexts for my gcse Design and Technology Non-examined assessment and I plan to create pages of initial ideas. The only trouble is I'm in this massive creative rut and am struggling to get going as I feel incredibly uninspired by the contexts. Sadly, I have to create initial ideas for all 3 contexts so I'm feeling a bit drained. It would be so incredibly helpful if you could think of any ideas, they don't have to be made with any specific materials and don't have to be developed as thats my job! Thank you so much if you do provide me with any ideas.
The contexts are;
1. Smarter living Being well-organised in today’s busy world is important. Explore the
role of design in helping people become more organised and efficient
in their daily lives.
2. Physical recreation Recreational activities such as cycling, running, aerobics and team
sports are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages.
Explore the role design can play in enhancing the experiences for
people who participate in these kinds of activities.
3. Social interaction Research suggests that many people feel lonely or isolated. Design
offers many opportunities for bringing people together, facilitating
the engagement of people formally and informally. Explore the
role design can play in ‘connecting’ people and encouraging social

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