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Advice for my English GCSE speaking presentation?Topics?

So I'm going to be doing my presentation for the English GCSE. I have to choose a topic,
Do a presentation on it and then answer questions from classmates. I have a few topic ideas, I just am unsure if they will engage my audience or are good ideas. If you guys have any more ideas, please help.
The idea of destiny/fate- is it real?
Parallel universes/ Mandela affect
Conspiracy theories in general
Do murderers have morals?
What is beauty/ pressure to be perfect due to social media.
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Try doing it on something Unique which people wouldn’t talk about and would really impress your teachers ie; Rise of plastic surgery due to social media, Government Corruption, The #Metoo campaign on BOTH male & female or even the rising number of students with mental health in ethnic minority’s due to families not being understanding or teaches the important and how it could impact there child hope these help
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Any topic that you are comfortable to speak about in front of others for a good few minutes should suffice. Nobody really cares what the topic is, so long as you present it in an erudite fashion and are able to answer questions about the topic in question with confidence. I did one about my disability (and it was composed of half-ass strands of research), but my class seemed to bear it, and after answering a few questions, it was over. I somehow mustered a distinction. You'll find that it is actually very difficult to perform poorly in the speaking endorsement.
I recommend that you just pick something you are interested in thinking about yourself, because that enthusiasm in return will make the audience interested.

I talked about the Death Penalty, and how it should be abolished, I got a Merit and at the end of my presentation I had people saying how interested they were in the topic, someone else did Human Rights which was really captivating.

Good luck.
I did a topic which links to pressure to be perfect - I did Eating Disorders in the media. I think the best advice is pick something you are passionate about not so much if it will be interesting to the audience. Yes it does need to be engaging however you can 'sell' whatever topic you like. If you are passionate about your subject - like I was - it will show and you will succeed. I got a distinction for my speech
I didn’t do very well in my speech ended up getting a pass from it
im intrested in this as well what things did u talk about and what was your argument

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