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Hello all,

Thinking of sitting part B next year and was wondering what resources people tended to go for.

Reason I ask is that for part A, I bought the pastest books which I hardly ever opened (simply due to time) but found the emrcs question bank brilliant and formed the bulk of my revision.

Are the question banks useful at all for part B, and how about the plethora of books (Dr Exam et al.)? Alternatively is it doable by just doing my own reading and looking at prior exam formats?

Thanks for any tips!
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I used eMRCS for Parts A & B - it was def less useful for Part B.

Part B is less about the knowledge and a bit more about your ability to extract it and present it, exam technique is a big part of it. Find someone else who's doing it (or just really willing to help you) and quiz each other with exam questions so you get used to how to present your answers. Get slick at examining - get your seniors to watch you if you're seeing patients together, or go to specific clinics (I went to a breast one for literally two hours and came away knowing how to do a really good examination and how a FNA and core biopsy were done, both of which were procedures I'd never done but needed to be able to explain in the exam). Tell everyone you work with that you're doing the exam - loads of regs/consultants will enjoy grilling you for your own benefit, and they can let you know if there are any good cases on the wards to examine (eg it took forever for me to find a neck lump patient - my hospital never seemed to have an endocrine clinic!)

For solo revision, I used the DrExam books, the MRCS B OSCE: Anatomy book (Lynch et al), and re-read Rafferty's Basic Science for MRCS that I'd used at Part A. Plus Acland's videos for anatomy.

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