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I'm going into my third year studying Sociology this September and I've still not decided what I want to do for my dissertation. I'm interested in so many social issues so I'm finding it really hard to decide. I'm wanting to do a masters degree in social research and then have a career in social research so I really want to smash out a good, interesting dissertation on relevant social issues.

I enjoy quantitative methods so I'm set on doing a survey and using SPSS etc. In terms of topics, so far I've thought about:
• Education inequalities, specifically focussing on the HES and neo-liberalisation - e.g. student debt, finance, pressure, mental health
• Prominence of young people/student drug culture and need for legalisation/regulation
• FOMO (fear of missing out), social media and mental health
• Normalised sexual harassment of women (and men?)

I know obviously it is my choice what I do; I am not asking a stranger to make the decision for me lol. I'm just interested to know what other people think of these four different ideas seeing as it's going to be read and marked by other people? Are they boring/generic or are they interesting? Are they 'doable' in terms of carrying out primary research and obtaining good data?

The top two are probably my favourites (HES inequalities and drugs). I'm generally really into education inequalities and have been since A Level. I find Marxism and Bourdieu etc so interesting and it just makes so much sense to me. Although, atm I'm particularly intrigued by the drugs idea. I found substance use very interesting at A Level Psychology and I enjoy policy and criminology. I also just find the legalisation debate very interesting and obviously topical.

However it is probably worth adding that it is also a very personal issue - one of my best friends at uni died a few months ago from an accidental overdose. It was very traumatic as I found him and I'm struggling a lot. But I'd much rather study something I'm really passionate about as I think it would make a much better read. I also see it as an area in need of advancement; correct me if I'm wrong but people always talk of student binge drinking culture and little about the drug culture which I have found to be huge. Obviously someone from the same university as me may have a completely different view of this - it could simply be related the people I've met, the course I do, the halls I lived in first year, the music I am into. And it will vary a lot between uni's. And of course drug use is a taboo topic which could explain why the focus is always on binge drinking. I still have a lot of background reading to do but from what I have read and experienced, that is how it seems to me.

Any feedback would be fab. Pls share your thoughts/opinions about my ideas or any other insight you have. Thanks!
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Could you perhaps combine the two: investigating whether student drug use has increased and, if it has, whether this might be linked to the increased neoliberalisation of education (and the 'educational subject')? I don't know what literature is out there already on this topic, but it's perhaps something to think about.
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Hello, how did you get on with your dissertation? Which one did you choose?
I'm in my third year when I return in September
and I am thinking about what to do for my dissertation in sociology.
How long did it take you? I'm worried that I will fail as I've never had to write so many words before.

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