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Hello all,

I am starting Year 11 this year so I thought I could use this blog to keep myself accountable...if I remember to update it. I'm getting pretty good grades at the moment but currently I do little to no work at home except in exam time and because my school has prep not homework (it's not a private school it just does some things a bit weirdly) we aren't really forced to do any work at home. If I want to get 9s and 8s I'll have to put some work in so hopefully this will motivate me a bit.

I'm aiming for 9s in all of my subjects, might as well set the bar high, but I'll be satisfied with 7s and 8s too. I'm also aiming for A^ in Further Maths but I'll be happy with an A or A* too.

My subjects

AQA English Language
AQA English Literature
Edexcel Maths
AQA Biology
AQA Chemistry
AQA Physics
AQA Religious Studies A
AQA Further Maths

Edexcel History
Edexcel Geography A
OCR Latin
WJEC Music

Y10 Mock Results


English Lang 9
English Lit 8
Maths 7
Biology 7
Chemistry 8
Physics 8
Religious Studies 7
Further Maths B

History 7
Geography 7
Latin 5
Music 6

Our mocks were a bit weird because most subjects only tested us on stuff we've already done with GCSE-style questions but in maths we did full exam papers and in history we did a knowledge test as well which isn't based on the GCSE exam.

Latin is my weakest subject, I really need to learn the vocab and grammar. I was 1 mark off a 6 in my Y10 mock which was irritating but if I put some work in I should be able to get decent grades next year.

2019 GCSE Results: to be updated when the TIME COMES!!!!!!


A Level Plans

Currently I definitely want to do maths, chemistry and physics. I am torn on whether to do biology or history and whether I want to do further maths too.

Future plans

Either studying physics or medicine. Might do a course with physics and something else eg. philosophy, I don't know yet.

What to expect from this GYG

Updates on how I am doing at school, exam results, how I am finding stuff, how productive I've been etc. I'll probably update it every week or so.
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So...I'm going back to school next week on Thursday and I'm getting sooooooooooooooooo bored of the holidays. I wish I could bank the holiday left and then use it when I get sick of school. Sadly not how it works.

I've made a revision schedule for the beginning of this year. I'll probably edit it at some point but for now this is what I'm aiming for:


Week 1

Monday form: 15 mins Physics
Monday prep: 45 mins Philosophy
Monday home: 1 hour Maths

Tuesday form: 15 mins Further Maths
Tuesday prep: 45 mins Latin
Tuesday home: 1 hour Music

Wednesday form: 15 mins Chemistry
Wednesday prep: 45 mins Music
Wednesday home: 1 hour Physics

Thursday form: 15 mins Maths
Thursday prep: 45 mins Biology
Thursday home: 1 hour Further Maths

Friday form: 15 mins Geography
Friday prep: 45 mins History
Friday home: 1 hour Latin

Saturday morning: 1 hour Philosophy
Saturday early afternoon: 1 hour Physics
Saturday late afternoon: 1 hour History
Saturday evening: 1 hour Maths/Geography

Sunday morning: 1 hour Chemistry
Sunday early afternoon: 1 hour Biology
Sunday late afternoon: 1 hour Further Maths
Sunday evening: -

Week 2

Monday form: 15 mins Music
Monday prep: 45 mins Maths
Monday home: 1 hour English Lit

Tuesday form: 15 mins Biology
Tuesday prep: 45 mins Geography
Tuesday home: 1 hour Maths

Wednesday form: 15 mins History
Wednesday prep: 45 mins Further Maths
Wednesday home: 1 hour Latin

Thursday form: 15 mins Latin
Thursday prep: 45 mins Chemistry
Thursday home: 1 hour Biology

Friday form: 15 mins Philosophy
Friday prep: 45 mins Physics
Friday home: 30 mins Biology

Saturday morning: 1 hour History/English Lang
Saturday early afternoon: 1 hour Chemistry
Saturday late afternoon: 1 hour Latin
Saturday evening: 1 hour Maths

Sunday morning: 1 hour Further Maths
Sunday early afternoon: 1 hour Geography
Sunday late afternoon: 1 hour Biology
Sunday evening: 1 hour Latin

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to end up sticking to this but it gives me something to aim for anyway.

So far this week I've done some biology active recall questions on gas exchange surfaces. I'm not planning on doing anything more today, maybe some Latin vocab if I get round to it. I've got a week left to chill so I'm going to try to make the most of it.

Stuff I'm enjoying atm

The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry- He's a fascinating guy and his memoirs are quite entertaining
The Inimitable Jeeves by P G Wodehouse- It's quite calm but if I just want to read something relaxing then this is vaguely amusing

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