How do I write an effective A level History coursework essay?

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*Disclaimer* - I know this is a project I need to complete on my own but I just need some help with how to structure source evaluation.

I am doing OCR history A level but I’m sure other exam boards have similar coursework, my coursework question is ‘ To what extent did Napoleon betray the revolution? ‘ , and I have no idea how to even begin to analyse my sources and embed them in my essay , can anyone offer some help to a stressed out student who needs her draft done soon ?
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i did aqa and my coursework was on civil rights.
our sources were worth 10 marks, historian interpretation 10, and knowledge 20, however i think ocr is different. i only used 3 sources and read the spec on ocr and said use 10-15???!!

you can use i think a lot of stuff- letters ,photographs, speeches. ask your teacher for definite tho as its a different exam board.
here are some stuff directly taken off the ocr spec as guidance for sources (the stuff i've added after the - are my own thoughts!
Who wrote the source?- this can give a direct insight into the thoughts of the person. you can later add your own contextual knowledge to support the source's message.
When was the source written? -remember to cover the 100 yr period. pick sources from different periods- was it written at the time? or later?
Was the writer in a position to know?
What is the tone or language of the source? - emotive language can heighten the value of a source as it creates a mood, feeling of... is the tone dismal/optimistic? how does this support your overall argument?
What is the purpose of the source?
What is the nature of the source?- a letter for example would be marked private and confidential, so wouldnt be for public viewing. the value lies in that it would be more revealing in nature.
what is the message of the source? what is it trying to convey? use quotes!

have attatched some simple stuff on sources that found online and an ocr spec.
other ocr spec was too large so heres the link:

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