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fell down stairs - sore neck/back Watch

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    I stupidly managed to lose my footing and fall all the way down my stairs on Saturday night. I hit my head (slight bump), bruised my hip and hand and have had a headache since. I felt slightly sore yesterday but nothing major, though today it's like my neck has seized up and I've been in a lot of pain. It's very stiff and hurts quite a lot to move it, plus my collarbone and back have been hurting as well.

    I'm extremely accident-prone and have been to A&E 4 times in the last year and a half. I'm a bit reluctant to find someone who can take me there to then sit and wait for hours just so I can be prescribed painkillers and told to rest.

    I've made a doctors appointment but couldn't get one until next Monday, and I'm certainly hoping I'll be fine by then anyway.

    Suppose I'm just wondering if anyone has ever done anything similar and how long it took to recover, or whether it's something I desperately need to get checked out.

    When I lived in Germany, the stairs into the cellar were concrete, and because they were out of sight (...out of mind), they weren't carpeted, so inevitably they were often cold and slippy, especially when walking bare-foot. As it happened, in our stay there, every member of the family at least fell some way down these monsters. My day came when I was about six, and I was stupidly running through the house in a hyper-active moment. As I turned to run down into the cellar, I slipped, and slid ony my back all the way down the steps into the cold, dark cellar, screaming and crying my eyes out.

    The pain was excruciating - and I think it's actually my first ever experience that I remember of pain. I had a sore back for a good week, but there were no other after-effects. However, I've since had a few mild back problems that may or may not be associated. My mum suffered a far worse fall down the steps and has since been diagnosed with a minor nerve problem in her lower back. Basically, falling down the stairs can either be very serious or it can't. I'd advise seeing your doctor about it, just in case, especially with the after-effects you're experiencing.

    It sounds a little silly, but most people will fall down the stairs at some point. I've averted disaster a few times. They're surprisingly very dangerous for something so common, and even though I am fit and nimble, I still find the concept hard to grasp at times. The worst feeling of all is when you take a heavy step forwards towards the stairs and you sort of topple, your heart skipping a beat inexplicably as it anticipates a fall. I've done that lots of times, but I think it's much more nervy, and considerably worse than it should be given the aforementioned fall.

    Stairs - I hate them. Give me a ramp and carry me up it.

    i am 13 and i fell down the stairs big victorian ones and have a brused back half on back half on top of hip and i have a big lump and swolen n brised i went to hospital and they said i had deep brusing but i cant sit stand or move what do i do HELP IT HURTS BADLY BUT I WENT 2 A&E ALREADY PLEASE HELP

    I had a accident at work in oct, im still signed off work sick and its been 7 months. Im still having back pain and neck pain. I went to NHS walk in centre same day and they checked me over and told me to take pain killers. I had muscle and ligament damage, sprained ankle, bruises all over my head and was injured all over. I fell down the stairs and into a wall with a lot of force i was shaking for hours after the fall and couldnt stop crying coz i was in so much pain.

    I went to A & E two days after the accident and they gave me a huge telling off because i could have damaged my back and spine and i left it so late. Best thing to do is to go get checked over properly. My wrist still hurts and i got a lump on the front of my shin from the fall and the doc says it wont ever go, but the worst thing is that if i walk around most of the day my ankle starts hurting, i cant wear heels still and my thumb stil half feels numb.

    Its gonna take time the hospital said, and i had my last check up and x ray at the hosp last week and they just told me now im over the worst - the bruises and tenderness on my head has gone (finally) and the headaches have stopped.
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Updated: November 30, 2009
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