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If you knew me then you you would know that I have hated flying all my life but you would also know that its been my life long dream to visit Italy, I mean whats there not to love about Italy great food, great people and don't even get me started on the wine. I have decided to conquer a fear and make a dream come true all in one day, what could go wrong.

"We are ready for take off, please fasten your seatbelt." As I fasten my seat belt I realise that my hands are shaking but I can't tell if it's because I'm so excited or if its just nerves. Its a seven hour flight so I've come prepared I've brought snacks, a book and I made a new playlist of all my favourite songs. We're in the air now and for some reason I'm not as nervous as I initially thought I would be.

It's been about an hour since we took off and everything is going great. Then I notice the uneasy flight attendant thats walking up to the intercom "sorry to say that we are about to experience some turbulence so please buckle your seatbelt." click, click, click, from what I can see most people have fastened there seat belts but then I notice a lady on the other aisle quickly dismiss what the flight attendant said and went back to reading her book. All of a sudden the plane jerks to the left and the lady along with her book flies out her seat onto the floor. Some people are about to get up and help her but theres a loud noise making everyone quickly get back in there seats. I look out the window and realise that we're flying right into the storm.

The turbulence continues to get worse and now the lights are flickering. Kids are crying, people are worrying and the noise from coming from the plane was deafening. I start to see that people are looking for reassurance from the flight attendant but she only gives a half heartedly smile in response making me think it was her that needed the reassurance. People are shouting saying that they can see smoke coming from the plane. the oxygen masks start to fall from the ceiling. Abruptly everyone in my view was putting on their oxygen masks.

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