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International Women's day (8th of March)

Notes on Paul's Online Notes' how to study math article.

Most people fail math class are in one of the 3 following categories:

1.(this is the largest category) those students who do not have good study habits and/or do not know how to study for a math class.
2.Those who spend hours studying each day and still don't do well.
3.Those who don't invest enough time into studying math

Be actively involved in the learning process dont just watch lectures but pay close attention to what is being taught. Work on homework problems. Study on a regular schedule rather than cramming. Also remember to work harder.

Work to develop Insight on the underlying principles of the math you are learning. If you don't develop Insight then you will not be able to apply what you learn to novel situations e.g. you may wrongly say the complex conjugate of a solution to a quadratic is also a solution to the equation because you did not know that the coefficients of the quadratic must be real to apply that knowledge.

Remember that math is cumulative: each new part of a course builds on other courses and earlier parts of the same course.

General tips

Go to class
Get to class on time
Listen during class the instructor may say something important which may help you develop Insight. Watch for things she emphasizes and thinks are important
Take good notes including what is written on the board and a explainations of how to solve example exercises
Keep a list of errors (I should do this)
Slow down to not do rushed errors

Im tired so Ill end it here.

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