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Sorry for the delay but I GOT BLOODY 11 WEEKS LEFT!!! Gave a right kick up the backside and now I'm just lamenting my failure...

Moving on >>>> I've nearly finished chemistry P1 just got 1 or 2 topics to go and then finito! I've just got a load of flashcards on my bed and I went through a past paper and will soon be going through another one. I feel a bit better since when I went through the questions I realised I knew it all, I just didn't recognise the question structure but now that's changed
- For history, I find it pretty easy since I have most of the context down (I think??) I just need to do some questions to figure out the structure, how much info and analysation to put in and so.
- Maths... love the subject but apparently, that love ain't mutual. It's all logically but I need more practice to remember processes and recognise when to use them.
- Psychology is an easy subject, I normally get around near 7's without revision for tests so I'm pretty sure if I revise the context I will do well in the test as I recognise where to get the marks and how to answer questions. I've done around 5 whole topics and I only need to do 3 more.
- Other sciences - I need to finish biology, chemistry and physics P2 but I'm only doing that after physic P1 revision, it will only take around 2 weeks per subject so I think I'm doing okay, ill have around 3 weeks for pure past papers and questions.
- English lit and lang... I really need to start memorising quotes for themes (which I hate, why is there so many for Romeo and Juliet, why!?), finishing AIC quotes as well as poetry this week and then moving to R+J and ACC. Going to just freestyle the rest and see how I do

I think that's all? Recently, I've been lacking motivation but honestly, I have nothing else I have to do so I just do the revision to fill in the day or lie around, dead.
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Hola! It's actually been an okay two weeks and tomorrow I'll have finished all my mock tests, I've already found out some of my results and they're actually kind of shocking - the good kind.
So far:
History, American West and Elizabethan England - 6
English language P1 - 7
Chemistry - 6
Biology - A bloody 9!!!

Haven't gotten my physics results which I'm pretty sure I've done terribly in as I only revised for biology and chemistry. I've just done Trenches and medicine through time for history today and I'm doing English literature P2 tomorrow.
So I'd say I've improved by a lot, though I do have to complete some practise papers to get used to the mark schemes.

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