Russia Coursework AQA - Women's Lives in Russia

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I'm trying to write my Russia Coursework on 'To what extent did the lives of women change in Russia between the years 1855-1953?' and I'm super stuck. Can anyone help I just need help on basically everything so any tips will help!
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Oh, the question is really broad, but the simple answer would be it changed drastically. The main events happened at the end of 19th century under the rule of Nicolas II and during the revolutions of 1905 and 1917. So overall, in your work you can focus on what was before 1905, during 1905 (the first revolution), and after 1917. During the revolution of 1905 women's movement became stronger and more organised and by the end of 1911 Duma passed a law allowing women to participate in rural elections. Although by the time of 1917 this women movement achieved quite a lot, and it would take me ages to describe everything they did, the movement was outlawed by Bolshewiks in 1917.

One of the main Bolsheviks priorities in building a communist society was the absolute equalisation of all population in their rights. As the result, after the revolution and the adoption of the constitution of the RSFSR in 1918, women officially received very broad rights. You might read about Alexandra Kollontai, who was the first female minister in the world.

In the 1920s, in the era of collectivization and industrialization, women began to be massively involved in labor in developing social infrastructure. These transformations however led to the fact that by 1930, on average, a woman accounted for less than 1 child. This situation was rightly regarded as critical, which forced the authorities to reconsider the policy of family-marriage relations. In 1935, the production of contraceptives was discontinued, and abortions were banned in 1936, material assistance to women in childbirth was also increased, state assistance to families with many children was established, and the network of maternity hospitals was expanded.

You also might check women involvement during the WW2.

Again because your topic is so broad, and so many things happened during this period of time, it is really hard to summarise all events. But still I hope it will help you a little.

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