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Sorry for the long post/question but am panicking now. I got a conditional offer to study Foundation Year Engineering at BCU which I accepted as a firm and I do not have an insurance offer. The condition was to pass an entry maths test. I rang admissions back in July to find out what the process was and I was informed that that one of the tutors would contact me to let me know about the test. Admissions said I will get the chance to meet the tutors and have a look at the facilities. I didn't hear back and contacted admissions a couple more times in August and still no one has contacted me regarding the test. We are now in September and still haven't heard anything. I live outside of Birmingham and would have to relocate and time is running out. I have a stag weekend and then a pre-booked week holiday just before the Sept 18 start date. I have set my sights to going to uni this year and I am now panicking as I still don't know what the maths test will be on and whether I will still be going to BCU this year. Any advice and will be appreciated especially on what the maths test is all about, thanks

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